N tracking - tracking

Online tracking is overused. There. I’ve said it. And that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in it but people put pixels everywhere to collect data that goes nowhere. This is a personal playground, I don’t need to know how many people come here and from where they are coming, let alone more detailed information. The analytics of that doesn’t help this project move forward. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in who you are, but let me know - if you wish - something about you with the form below. Take your pick(s) or ignore all together. Welcome to the no tracking tracking.

last traces

13-12-2021 - igor
  • hobby: content creation
  • location: miami
  • birthday: sept 10 89
  • instagram: eggfordinner
  • fun fact: every single person dies but no one can say for certain what happens after we die. isnt that interesting?
  • current mood: lethargic
  • browser: chrome, but i prefer safari
  • favourite cookie: peanut butter
  • last site visited: https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/1308557407
  • time of day: 12:47PM
  • last search: overcooked all you can eat nintendo switch
  • website in tab to the left: https://likeidkwhatever.com/
  • next to do: lunchy
  • rating: for this site? 10/10 FIVE STARS
  • joke: try looking at Martha Stewarts personal Instagram account, plenty fun
  • bff: B & S
  • device: mac
18-03-2021 - maytee (sometimes maybe)
  • hobby: chit chatting
  • location: Barcelona
  • birthday: 9 october
  • instagram: @maycupoftee
  • fun fact: I enjoy reading Shakespeare (sad fact)
  • current mood: that one where you keep singing Stevie Wonder songs
  • browser: Chrome
  • favourite cookie: Nutter Butter
  • last site visited: hey?
  • time of day: vesper
  • last search: vesper
  • website in tab to the left: google calendar
  • next to do: speed walk while chit chatting
  • rating: 99
  • joke: leave the gun, take the cannoli! (not a joke but best i could do)
  • bff: stuck here, sorry :(
  • device: macbook air
4-11-2020 - john
  • location: berchem
  • fun fact: nope
  • last site visited: the verge
20-02-2021 - e-man
  • hobby: foo
  • location: antwerpen
  • birthday: none
  • instagram: nope
  • fun fact: fun
  • current mood: mood
  • browser: firefox
  • favourite cookie: none
  • last site visited: youtube
  • time of day: evening
  • last search: carbon frame
  • website in tab to the left: gmail
  • next to do: eat
  • rating: 9
  • joke: no jokes
  • bff: hans
  • device: macbook pro
29-12-2020 - erwin
  • hobby: cooking
  • location: berchem
  • birthday: no
  • instagram: no
  • current mood: grumpy
  • last site visited: apple
08-03-2021 - me
  • current mood: good
  • website in tab to the left: YouTube
03-11-2022 - Ignaz
  • hobby: Filling Forms
  • location: Behind You
  • birthday: Yesterday
  • instagram: no
  • fun fact: cat urine glows under a black-light.
  • current mood: depressed
  • browser: fax
  • favourite cookie: no
  • time of day: 21:46
  • last search: how to uninstall IE on fax
  • website in tab to the left: Made with Kirby an Love
  • next to do: go for a walk
  • rating: 4 of 5
  • joke: knock knock
  • bff: what?
  • device: fax