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25 learnings from 25 years at work -- 10 March 2023

A few weeks ago a friend and former colleague wrote about his 25 lessons from 25 years at Microsoft. And while I wasn't at Microsoft that long, I realized I’ve been working for just over 25 years now and figured it might be a good idea to share a similar list of...

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Brands as systems -- 06 March 2023

I have a question for you.

As a traditionally schooled marketer I stumbled into the opportunities the internet had to offer back in the late 90s, by sheer curiosity. And later on, while agency side, I learned about the true value of ideas, the power of creativity and the importance of brand building. All while trying to understand how new...

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I've been WFH for years. And now I'm changing the way I work. -- 30 April 2020

At work in the Mumbai office

This whole crisis isn't easy for anyone. But when the lockdown came into effect, there was little question for me on how that would affect the way I work. I've been working from home mixed with a lot of travel for many years now, which not only means I'm used to it but also that...

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Looking back at 5 years of WARPED -- 03 July 2019

This week marks the 5th anniversary of WARPED, that funky little newsletter of mine. A total of 172 editions later — and yes, I clearly didn’t always make it to that weekly deadline — I still enjoy putting it together. Get it here if you’re not subscribed yet: http://getwarped.io/

With 5 years on record, I...

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CES 2019: The Usual, the New and the Silly -- 08 January 2019

You don’t have to go to CES to know what is bing announced or shown during the conferences or on the trade floor. But going to the event does give you a much better feel of how all these things come together, that’s at least how I experience it last year and how I found that experience different from just reading up on the news as I did before....

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I’m only the prototype of my future self -- 08 November 2018

TIL. Today I Learned. I’ve been ending most of my presentations of the last 3–4 years with this question. And the question is never about getting people to think about what they learned from the presentation itself (although I obviously hope they do learn something) but to get them to think about learning something new every day. Structurally. To...

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What CES got me thinking about. -- 24 January 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month is all about drones, robots, smart devices, self-driving cars, gadgets, artificial intelligence, TVs and some of the craziest technologies one will see in life. But CES is also about the discovery of big, trending themes for the next few years, and oftentimes, looking at the smaller things — and...

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Machine Learning. The recipe for more sameness? -- 24 October 2017

I never was a big fan of the much lauded ‘Next Rembrandt’. It was first presented to me in the 2016 Cannes Lions Cyber Jury and apart from more general thoughts around the fact that it misses a link with ING etc, my main problem with it was this: it was an average piece of work, literally. The agency...

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