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What is WARPED? It's a playground for innovation. A project that started in 2014 with the creation of a newsletter and which gradually became many more things and eventually a business. Today WARPED is a creative innovation studio, helping brands & people to be more futureproof. The underlying idea for WARPED was something I had been thinking about long before that however. During my career and personal life I often found that people look for inspiration through ways that are way too narrow. People almost always let themselves be inspired by the obvious, by ideas that are within the category, expertise, sector, … that they're in themselves. Inspiration that is immediately relatable and easy to understand. With WARPED I'm trying to do the opposite and show that you can & should be inspired by the unknown. And help you turn that fresh inspiration into a sustained innovative approach for the business. 

And who am I you may wonder? I am Kris Hoet, a Belgian native who is working - probably better living & breathing - digital & innovative ideas his whole career. Former geek marketer at brands like Kinepolis Group & Microsoft MSN and innovation leader at creative agencies FCB Global, Happiness and Duval Guillaume. I'm a husband, dad, mountainbiker, petrolhead, outdoor enthusiast, friend, traveler, … when I’m not working.

*Elín Elísabet is an Icelandic illustrator that made this drawing of me during the 2018 ADCE Festival in Barcelona. Go check out her work on

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